Winslow Life Raft Company, a UTC Aerospace Systems Company, Lake Suzy, Florida

The name WINSLOW has been synonymous with high quality life rafts for over seventy years.  Founded in 1941 as the New York Rubber Company the company constructed life rafts for the Allied Forces. After World War II, the company moved its operation to Sarasota, Florida, and was acquired by John C. WINSLOW, who then produced the first marine and aviation life rafts available to the private sector.

In 1989 WINSLOW was acquired by Fred Shoaff, a serious one-design and offshore racer and enthusiast. Shoaff knew from his years at sea that the Achilles’ heel of even the best available life rafts was weight and manageability.  The goal became to design and produce a life raft second to none in strength, durability and seaworthiness, yet extremely light and very compact. The extraordinary result was the innovative WINSLOW Super-Light, a superior design engineered for survival in extremes, but so light that almost anyone, including women and children, can lift and deploy it at the most optimal launching point, thereby improving the odds if it’s needed to save lives.

By the early 1990s WINSLOW’s extraordinary Super-Light marine life rafts were attracting the attention of pilots who were also sailors. These life rafts were far superior to anything available to the general aviation community. Pilots approached WINSLOW about using the life rafts in their corporate jets. In 1994 WINSLOW’s aviation version of its offshore marine life raft received top honors in an independent review of aviation life rafts conducted by The Aviation Consumer. Resulting demand encouraged the company to secure FAA TSO approval for the life raft and to expand the aviation line.

Continuous product development has refined and broadened our offerings. Today WINSLOW manufactures a wide range of award-winning aviation and marine life rafts. No matter your needs, WINSLOW has the life raft for you. These life rafts are used by world renowned sailing competitors, power boaters, many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Winslow Life Rafts are standard equipment on many yachts and corporate aircraft. Isn’t your life worth a WINSLOW?