Winslow LifeRaft Company is the world’s leader for marine life rafts for the recreational boater and sailboat racer, built with only one thing in mind and that is to save your life.  You operate the best equipment, and spare no maintenance, because safety is your number one priority.  When nothing less than the highest level of safety is acceptable, Winslow delivers with minimum weight and maximum protection!  Each life raft is meticulously handcrafted and individually tested to compliment the exceptional safety and performance.

Winslow’s ISO9650-1 Global Rescue complies with the requirements of ISO9650-1 for offshore racing.  Using state of the art technologies, Winslow is able to provide a lighter weight ISO9650-1 compliant life raft without compromising safety.

All Winslow marine life rafts are vacuum packed in WINSLOW’s UltimaWrap which provides a barrier to moisture and atmospheric contamination and extends the life raft service to a full 3 years between scheduled maintenance.

Winslow offers many packaging options including hard packs, valise packs, and canisters for deck mounting.  Winslow is also the industry leader in custom LifeRaft pack design.  This custom pack feature, combined with the minimum weight, allows for more stowage options in or around the cockpit/helm area.  Contact us for details regarding custom designed packs for specific boats.

With three different marine life raft models, racing, offshore and coastal, Winslow makes a marine life raft to meet most any requirement that you may have.

Compare the LifeRaft designs and features by selecting the links below:

ULO – Ultra-Light Offshore

ISOGR – ISO Global Rescue (ISO 9650-1 Small Craft – Inflatable Rafts)

SLOP – Super Light Offshore Plus

SLRR – Super Light Rescue Raft

LEEP – Law Enforcement Emergency Pack