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Safety / Comprimise - An Oxymoron If Ever We Saw One
WINSLOW™Life Rafts

  You operate the best equipment, fly with the best pilots, and spare no maintenance because safety is your number one priority, isn’t it time you questioned the quality of your life raft? WINSLOW™`s Corporate Aviation Life Rafts are designed to compliment the exceptional safety and performance of the world`s finest corporate aircraft, when nothing less than the highest level of safety is acceptable.

WINSLOW™ has been rated #1 in every test conducted by The Aviation Consumer since 1994. "Winslow continues to lead the industry in performance and features" (July 2000). The independent Equipped To Survive Web site concludes "the aptly named Ultima is still Best Overall" and "nothing else, except Winslow`s own Ultra-Light, comes close."

WINSLOW Corporate Aviation Life Rafts

Valise image WINSLOW life rafts are packed in compact abrasion resistant urethane fire retardant valises or reinforced engineered plastic hard packs. These are available in sizes designed expressly to fit most popular corporate aircraft interior configurations. Custom Dimensional Valise Packing is available to fit special circumstances.
Nobody offers you more compact life raft pack options than WINSLOW.

When the ultimate in safety equipment is desired, WINSLOW’s Super-Light™ Ultima™ Corporate Aviation Life Raft is the only solution. No other life raft provides the safety and survival margins of the Super-Light™ Ultima™, which exceeds even the industry leading specifications of the WINSLOW™ Ultra-Light™. For those to whom a few extra pounds and cubic inches of volume aren’t a concern where lives are at stake, the Super-Light™ Ultima™ provides the pinnacle in survival capabilities. During extensive independent life raft testing, The Aviation Consumer stated, “The aptly named Ultima™ is still best overall in our opinion, even better than last when we reviewed it. …nothing else, except WINSLOW’s own Ultra-Light™, comes close.”

FAA TSOA C70a Approved
CAA Approved # AR01449
DGAC QACI-144 Approved


When you want the highest rated, TSO'd life raft in the industry, but size and weight are a consideration, the WINSLOW™ Ultra-Light™ is the life raft for you. Without compromising on details, WINSLOW™ created the WINSLOW Ultra-Light™ Type One Life Raft to meet your needs. The Aviation Consumer, publishing the results of extensive life raft testing in July of 2000 wrote, “Obviously not content to rest on their laurels, WINSLOW™ continues to lead the industry in performance and features. Their overall quality, performance and consideration of human factors made a strong impression, as one tester noted, “somebody actually thought about the people who might use this raft.” The test report further stated, “The WINSLOW™ Ultima™ and Ultra-Light™ garnered every vote for best aviation raft from our volunteers.”

FAA TSOA C70a Approved
CAA Approved # AR01449
DGAC QACI-144 Approved

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WINSLOW - Engineered & Handcrafted To Be Superior
  • WINSLOW Life Rafts Are Built Better: Our Super-Light and Ultra-Light life rafts are constructed of time tested two ply biased neoprene material that exceeds FAA TSO-C70a specifications. WINSLOW does not compromise strength for light weight and compact dimensions. Each life raft is meticulously handcrafted and individually tested, well in excess of FAA, CAA, and DGAC minimum requirements. At WINSLOW we take pride in having the tightest, most meticulous quality control in the industry. Ultimately, WINSLOW life rafts are built with only one thing in mind . . . to save your LIFE!
  • WINSLOW is a preferred supplier to major corporate aircraft manufacturers and has been selected for use by USCS, NASA, NOAA, DEA, DOD, FBI, DOD and many Fortune 500 flight departments.
  • Only WINSLOW allows you to custom outfit your life raft to meet your personal requirements.
  • Testing in Tropical Storm JosephineWINSLOW's Ultimate Test: During Tropical Storm Josephine (October 7, 1996), WINSLOW's co-owner, the chief engineer, and two life raft technicians braved the intense and violent storm to successfully test the six person and ten person WINSLOW Type I life rafts off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico, providing incontrovertible proof of WINSLOW's superior stability and our faith in our life rafts. In October 1999 in Panama City, Fla., during training with an arm of the U.S. Government, WINSLOW's Type I life raft remained unaffected by 100 mph downdrafts while a Bell 412 hovered above it lifting personnel directly from the life raft. We trust our lives to our life rafts, so you can too. Isn't your life worth a WINSLOW?
  • WINSLOW Corporate Aviation life rafts are backed up by a worldwide service network.
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